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 ordered 1 PureU Sanitizing Device on May 13 , 2020. I was not expecting it to be Shipped within a week , surprisingly it came on June 2. The quality was superb, now i m enjoying my office & rides with my kids without caring about that stupid virus.

Thankyou Uppercaze

Marty schuster

WIDEFLIX OUTDOOR GIANT SCREEN is truly a life saver in these harrd times , perfect quality , screen is opaque & the projector is just awesome , makes the picture bright and lively. DELIVERY was super quick was delivered in 15 days in california.

Emmie Conner

I am a solo traveller , as the lockdown was being relaxed , i was planning for a long tour. But in these conditions checking into any hotel or resort was a complete risk. then i found this PureU- Virus & Bacteria Eliminating Robot and in one shot IT WORKED FOR ME. I think everybody need this.

Rein Jaskolski